It all began in 2010.

On April 26th 2010 a public meeting was held, and the Waitaki Riparian Enhancement Society was formed.  

We are a voluntary organisation, we are funded by grants and donations and our annual fund raisers.

Our aim is to increase the wild salmon population in the Waitaki River.  We achieve this by trapping and raising salmon brood stock, and releasing them a year later at a weight of around 100gm.

We have over 240 members.  We have members that simply follow our progress via our newsletters, and others that like to get involved in our salmon rearing project and fund raisers.

To find out more about becoming a member please contact us here.


Trevor Hill.  2010 - 
ph.  027 22 02 888

Committee Member
Alan Holmquist.  2016 - 

Deputy Chairman
Lynn McGregor.  2011 - 
ph.  021 336 573

Committee Member
Noel Simpson.  2017 - 

Linn Koevoet.  2010 - 
ph.  027 625 0397

Committee Member
Les Crosbie.  2012 -

Fish and Game Liaison
Mark Webb.  2010 - 


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